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The Keys to a Gorgeous Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary, modern styling continues to grow in popularity amongst our clients. Is a modern motif right for your new bath? It is if you love clean lines, geometric shapes, basic, neutral colors, minimal decorations, natural materials and uncluttered space. A clean-lined, uncluttered bathroom has become increasingly viable thanks to technological advances in shower drains. Channel […]

Why Remodel?

The ability to convert dreams into reality is the number one reason why homeowners undertake a renovation project, found a recent survey of homeowners conducted by Houzz.com. Of those, nearly half undertook a renovation project in 2018. The reasons for all types of renovation projects parallel the reasons our clients in southern New England decide to […]

The Best Reason to Renovate Your Kitchen

If you’re like most homeowners here in Rhode Island, you spend a great deal of time in your kitchen, and in that time you’re not just cooking, eating and cleaning up. A compelling study by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence reports that nearly 20 percent of homeowners spend an average of three […]

Elements of a Spectacular Kitchen

We’ve been designing and installing dream kitchens for our clients since 1989. We’ve found that there are several key components essential to creating this space that too often are not given enough consideration. These elements include: lighting, seating, and organization/storage. LIGHTING: Good lighting can make a new kitchen more enjoyable and can make or break […]

How many bathroom sink options are too many?

The unlimited choices available through online search can make it almost impossible for anyone to make the best buying decision. If you searched on a Houzz.com, Pinterest or Instagram to get ideas for a new bathroom sink, you would be shown tens of thousands of choices. How can you make the best decision with so […]

This Is Not Your Mom’s Laundry Room

The laundry room is often treated like a stepchild in the home, relegated to the basement, housed in a closet or shoved in the corner. Doing laundry isn’t considered a glamorous activity, and the space frequently reflects the task. Blah! However, when the laundry room is clean, bright and well organized, the chore can take […]

The Pros and Cons for Open Shelves in the Kitchen

Open shelving provides a combination of an aesthetic focal point with superb functionality.  They enable homeowners to showcase a dramatic backsplash, display dishes, pottery, sculptures, plants, herbs, dishware and glassware, and more. Plus, open shelves provide home chefs with the functionality to access their favorite cooking tools within arm’s reach. So, what’ the downside? Open […]

Technology for the Kitchen

We are surrounded by technology at work, in our cars, and just about every aspect of our lives, including the kitchen. Many of our clients want to take advantage of technological advancements explicitly developed for the kitchen as part of their remodel. We see personal home assistants and dedicated kitchen tablets trending upward in this […]

Kitchen Trends for 2019

It’s a new year, and that means, new trends in kitchen design! A recent Whirlpool Corporation survey found that 52 percent of consumers believe they spend too much time cooking and 58 percent of consumers reported that they would like to spend less time doing laundry. Other findings in the Whirlpool survey include: Nearly 75 percent […]

Bath Trends for 2019

As we look forward to an exciting 2019, we want to share with the bath trends we expect to dominate in 2019: Undercounter and console sinks for vanities are on trend. White remains the dominant color for bathroom sinks. 2019 is likely to bring sinks that incorporate more mixed metals such as copper or cast […]