From the Designers at RI Kitchen & Bath DESIGN+BUILD

White kitchens continue to dominate the market in the Kitchen & Bath industry. Their popularity dates back to the early 1920s where some manufacturers only made white cabinets. Can you believe it?! 

Why we love them – they are light and airy, they can open up a kitchen space, and one thing is for sure, they will stand the test of time. You really can’t go wrong when choosing a white cabinet, as it will keep its value for years to come in your home. 

But… Are white cabinets on their way out of style? Our designers think it is safe to say the white cabinet will never go out of style, although we are seeing a lot of bold color choices for cabinets in recent years. Some new color trends include blues, blacks, grays, and greens. Check out some designer favorites here

How can you incorporate color into your kitchen? If you’d like to have white cabinets with a pop of another color, our designers suggest using white cabinets for your upper cabinets, and using a different color cabinet for either the island and/or lower cabinets. Not sure which look you want? When you enter the design and build process with RI Kitchen & Bath Design+Build, our designers will create a few sample looks digitally for you to customize and envision what your new kitchen, bathroom, or other space would look like. 

“It’s not that white goes away, it goes back and forth from warmer whites to cooler whites,” says designer Billie. She reports her clients more recently are choosing softer whites rather than bright whites. Designer Kingsley adds, “For me personally, I find that I almost always begin a discussion with a client looking to remodel a kitchen with the basic question; “Are you looking for white cabinetry or do you have other colors and finishes in mind?” White cabinets will continue to be the baseline of conversation for us to determine which direction the design will move into; simple and clean vs. bold and colorful and everything in between.

In conclusion, white isn’t necessarily on it’s way out but our designers find that people aren’t intimated by color, especially with the plethora of inspiration you can find on social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. There are endless options to choose from, including white! See some of our designs here