Modern and contemporary designs and motifs have increased among clients of RIKB. Modern design offers clean lines, open floor plans and a clutter-free pallet. They often feature natural materials such as stone, quartz and solid wood frameless cabinets. Color options for modern kitchens are almost limitless, allowing homeowners and designers to push the envelope and make distinctive and personal design statements.

A potential downside to a modern design is the look and feel. Some modern designs can appear to be cold and austere. That’s not a problem for the design team at RIKB Design Build! There are numerous ways to add warmth and bring joy to a modern motif. Many modern kitchens feature vivid contrasts and that’s one strategy to soften the edges of a modern kitchen. We love to incorporate a warm touch with wood tables and chairs and cabinet knobs or even a countertop caddy that holds wooden spoons, spatulas and other utensils can create a different vibe.

Color plays a huge role in how a kitchen looks and feels. Lighter colors evoke a sense of calm. White is associated with purity and cleanliness. Yellow is associated with sunlight that offers a sense of welcome, cheerfulness and energy. Green equates to plants and grasses. Another option to introduce color into a modern kitchen is upholstery, from pillows to bench seats. Fabric brings color, texture, and comfort to a kitchen. Other ways to introduce fabrics into your kitchen color pallet include window coverings, dish towels and display napkins.

Shapes play a role in bringing more serenity and joy to a kitchen. The sharp edges of a contemporary design can be softened with a round table, round bar stools and round light fixtures. Several homeowners in Southern New England soften their kitchen spaces by hanging favorite works of art or displaying pottery, colored glassware, and ceramics. Additionally, growing herbs on a windowsill or bringing plants into your kitchen is another easy way to add color and a sense of calm and joy.

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